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ISA Your Rights

Advice Service

International Songwriters Association Members are entitled to speedy and courteous service at all times.

In return, International Songwriters Association members are required to deal promptly and courteously with other ISA members, and with the ISA itself.

Failure to act or communicate courteously, with either other members of the International Songwriters Association or with the ISA itself, may result in the ISA's refusal to accept an application for membership, or the withdrawal of an existing membership. This helps to protect the excellent spirit of co-operation between our members, which has built up over 45 years.

Members are protected by the same guarantee, which was put into practice in 1967 in that any transaction made with the ISA, is covered by a 100 percent, 90 day, worldwide "money-back-if-not-satisfied" guarantee.

In addition, if a member is not happy with any aspect of the ISA's operations or products, ISA will also offer an immediate refund of the last subscription payment made, even if this is outside the 90 day period.

In order to safeguard our members' interests, the ISA is happy to accept post-dated cheques from members. [Post-dated cheques are cheques which cannot be cashed until after the item ordered has been received]. In addition, the ISA will never request Direct Debit payments for membership, as direct debits are not in the control of the person making the payment. Instead, we will be happy to accept payment by Standing Order or by Credit Card, as these payments are fully controlled by the person making the payment and never by us.

Details of these and other safeguards are sent to every person presenting an application to the ISA.

Membership of the International Songwriters Association is a privilege, not a right, and is at the total discretion of the International Songwriters Association.

International Songwriters Association reserves the right to refuse membership to any person without giving any reason whatsoever.

International Songwriters Association also reserves the right to withdraw membership from any person at any time, without giving a reason, provided that the last membership payment made by that member, is refunded in full by the ISA.

New Membership of the International Songwriters Association is limited from time to time, to preserve the quality of service provided to our existing members.

The ISA site contains links to other Internet sites. We encourage all third parties to implement guarantees that respect the rights of our users. However, ISA is not responsible for the  practices of anybody else's website.

All guarantees offered are in addition to statutory rights.

The ISA welcomes any suggestions which might improve on or in any way strengthen the existing rights of its Members.

Click HERE to see how the ISA safeguards its members' privacy, and the privacy of visitors to this website.

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