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ISA  International Songwriters Association  Founded 1967  Representing Songwriters In More Than 60 Countries Worldwide
This Is The Public Area Of The International Songwriters Association Site

ISA The Services

The following are the Services of the International Songwriters Association.

DIRECTORY INFORMATION offers one of the largest databases in the music industry, compiled from information dating back to 1967.

If you require the contact address for any act, (recording or non-recording), it can be provided within seconds.

Not only this, but we can advise which, if any music publisher has published material used by that act within the last five years, and if so, can provide the name, address and contact for that firm.

ASSESSMENT listens to any song submitted, gives a view on its commercial potential and also the quality of the promotional vehicle submitted, and if found commercial, will give a list of at least five companies/acts currently seeking material.

COPYRIGHT provides a written certificate of copyright for any material submitted. Meanwhile, the material is held as proof of ownership by the writer from the date of  the copyright certificate.

ADVICE provides advice on any subject concerning songwriting, including song promotion, demo recording, copyright, publishing, sub-publishing, recording, jingles, contracts, rights organisations, plagiarism, song contests, recording deals, compilation offers etc.

The above are absolutely free, non-subscription-based promotional services. You must contact us in advance utilising any service

COLLABORATION provides assistance in teaming up with other subscribers, to write and record joint songs.

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