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The Knowledge
"The Knowledge" is a 12-part, 30-minute free course covering copyright, song titles, lyrics, and melodies. It also looks at promotion, selling songs, the internet, movies, and money! Click here, and begin with Lesson 1 - "The Basics"

Frequently Asked Questions
How difficult is it to make money writing songs? How can I stop my songs being stolen? Can songwriting be taught? How good does my demo have to be? How do I build up the contacts?

Songwriting Basics
I have my song written. Now what? What should I look out for in a publishing contract. What is a shark music publisher? Do I need a music publisher? Is there a free songwriting course?

Music Publishers
Well all know that a music publisher is a company or individual that acts as an intermediary between songwriters or composers, and the music industry. But what exactly do they do?

Song Copyright
Should I copyright my song? Can I copyright just words without any music? How much does copyright cost? Can I copyright online? Suppose I don't copyright? What if my song is stolen?

Song Plagiarism
What is song plagiarism? Who decides that a song has been plagiarised? Can I use an out-of-copyright melody in my own song? What is a good defence against song plagiarism charges?

Writing Song Titles
How impprtant is the title? Sometimes thinking up song titles can seem more difficult than it needs to be. Here are a few tips to put you in the right direction next time you need a title

Writing Song Lyrics
Although there is no "proper" way to write song lyrics, there are some basic elements that most songs do have in common. (1) Hook (2) Slant (3) Chorus (4) Verses and (5) Bridge

Writing Song Melodies
Songwriting is about doing two main things - writing a good story for your audience and then crafting the chords, groove, and melody so as to deliver and effectively enhance that story

Selling Your Song
How can I sell my song? Can I sell it to a singer? Can I sell it to a music publisher? Can I sell just words without music? Can I sell my songs online? How much money can I hope to make?

Promoting Your Song
Despite what you may hear, there are no "magic bullets" - no "secret methods". Sadly, most promotion remains hit or miss, and what may work on one outlet may not work on the next

Your Songs On The Web
There are three important factors to consider if you want to put your songs up on the web - Credibility, Money and Time. Here we examine the several varied options available to you

Your Songs In Movies
To sit in a darkened cinema, and hear your song played over the opening credits, is magic! It is also something which most songwriters just dream about. But is is not all that impossible!

Money Matters
You started songwriting hoping to make some money. But instead, people are trying to get money from you! When this happens. it is time to ask a few pertinent questions of your own

How Much Money Do Songwriters Make?
100 years ago, a songwriter had just one source of income, namely sales of his song in sheet music format. Nowadays there are so many sources, that some songwriters can miss out!

Songwriting & Artificial Intelligence
It's been here for a while. but recently AI or Artificial Intelligence has made great strides in the music biz. Can it help you write that elusive hit? There is only one way to find out

Crowdfunding For Songwriters
You need money to release your own record? Well, banks will not help. But you could always consider the crowdfunding model. Just make sure you have covered all possible consequences

The Songwriter & Social Media
"If you build it - they will come". But how will they come, if they don't know anything at all about it? Social Media may provide some of the answers to this question - or it may not!

Your Own Publishing Company
At some stage, most songwriters will think of setting up their own music publishing firm. The former Head Of Copyright at EMI Music, Dennis Sinnott tells you exactly how to go about it

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