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Songwriter Magazine

Since 1967, "Songwriter Magazine", which is the house magazine of the ISA International Songwriters Association, has interviewed hundreds of legendary songwriters, and now posesses one of the largest library of such articles in the world. These are all on the ISA Private Members Site, but below, we share a few of those which are available to ISA members.

Gene Pitney

He started as a songwriter writing hits for everybody from Phil Spector to The Crystals to Bobby Vee, before becoming a superstar in his own right. But he always remained a songwriter.

GENE PITNEY talked to Jim Liddane about his songwriting - and other matters!

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber

Is he the greatest writer of stage musicals in the history of the genre? ISA members seem to think so, voting "Evita" as "The Best Musical Of The 20th Century"!

SIR ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER spoke with Sheridan Morley about his many achievements to date.

Norman Petty

He started playing the piano on a local radio station, and went on to write some of the most memorable instrumentals of the 50's and 60's. He opened a recording studio which recorded people like Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, LeAnn Rimes, Bobby Vee and many more. And he produced some of the greatest records of the rock and roll era, and beyond. 

NORMAN PETTY gave a very rare interview to Jim Liddane

Lionel Bart

Rock & Roll hits in the 50's for everybody from Cliff Richard to Adam Faith. The most successful stage musical of all time in the 60's. Bankrupt in the 70's. Followed by a return to the top of the charts within ten years.

LIONEL BART told us exclusively about the highs, and the lows of a long and illustrious songwriting career

Terry Noon

He started in London in the swinging 60's, and went on to work with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jimmy Webb. becoming one of the most admired, and trusted music publishers of his generation.

TERRY NOON told it all to the International Songwriters Association.

Rodger Hodgson

Supertramp produced some of the greatest records of the century. And the man who made them possible was the man who wrote some of their biggest hit songs.

RODGER HODGSON told the International Songwriters Association how he wrote the songs that made Supertramp famous.

Hal Shaper

He wrote the classic "Softly As I Leave You" and also became a most respected London-based successful music publisher, trusted by those songwriters who worked with him.

HAL SHAPER told the ISA his exclusive story.

Marijohn Wilkin

Her songs have been recorded by Patsy Cline, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Rod Stewart, Burl Ives and Eddie Cochran, as well as being an early member of the ISA. 

MARIJOHN WILKIN tells her story to the magazine she reads every month -the International Songwriters Association's "Songwriter Magazine"

Barry Mason

He started as an actor, but his songs have sold 50 million records with one being played each minute on radio around the world. The man in question?

BARRY MASON talks exclusively to International Songwriters Association.

Sonny Curtis

He wrote his first hit song as a teenager, went on to swop guitar licks with one of the greatest rock and roll legends of all time, before embarking on his own solo career, writing dozens of hit country songs, finally returning to his roots as a member of one of rock's great bands.

SONNY CURTIS told the ISA's Jim Liddane about his fascinating life.

Patricia Knapton

Can you mame the English songwriter who won an "International Songwriter Of The Year Award" at the Las Vegas American Eagle Awards For Country Music not just once. but two years running?

PATRICIA ROSE KNAPTON recounts her life and times to the ISA International Songwriters Association.

Allan Rich

Allan Rich's "Run to You" (co-written with Jud Friedman), sung by Whitney Houston in "The Bodyguard", was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song and a Grammy Award. Nowadays, he even supplies songs to the Cast Of Glee - no less!

ALLAN RICH tells the International Songwriters Association about his life and times at the top of the songwriting world.

And remember, the International Songwriters Association has hundreds of interviews with the top songwriters of all time, on the ISA Private Members Site so why not go there now and read their words of wisdom? You are guaranteed to learn!

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