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ISA Music Publishers On The Web

There are quite literally, thousands of music publishers worldwide, ranging from small one-man outfits operated by songwriters wishing to completely own and administer their own copyrights, to the multi-national conglomerates such as Universal Music, EMI Music etc., who may have several hundred songwriters who have assigned their songs to them, on their books.

Surprisingly enough, not that many music publishers operate dedicated websites, presumably because they are not selling anything directly to the general public, and as such, see no real point in bothering to have any sort of online presence.

Those that do have websites frequently offer little in the way of information about the company, or its staff, and make it quite difficult to work out what exactly they do publish, and which songwriters are signed to them.

A small number of sites are "songwriter-friendly", in that they provide information for songwriters who wish to submit material to the publisher, but most are not, and many indeed seem to discourage songwriters from contacting them at all.


Air-Edel Music
Alan Publishing Group
Alfred Music
All Boys Music
Amphonic Music
A&R Editions
Anglo Plugging Music
Angus Music
Arthouse Entertainment
Ariel Music
Associated Music International
Audio Network Music
Avatar Publishing
Banks Music Publications
Bardic Edition
Best Built Songs
Bicycle Music
Big Ears Music
Big Life Music
Big Loud Shirt Publishing
Big World Music
Blue Mountain Music
BMG Production Music
Boosey & Hawkes Music
Bourne Music
Brainchild Music
Bucks Music
Bug Music
Candle Music
Caritas Music
Carl Fischer Music
Carlin America
Carlin Music UK
Casablanca Media Publishing
Cathedral Music
Chandos Music
Cheeky Music
Chelsea Music
Cherry Heart Music
Christian Music Group Publishing
Chrysalis Music US
Chrysalis Music UK
Columbia Music
Combustion Music
Complete Music
Congo Music
Copasetik Music
Criterion Music Corp
Cupit Music
Curb Music


Don Williams Music Group
Downtown Music
DSW Entertainment
Eaton Music Ltd
Edel Music
Edition HH Music
EMI Music
Evening Dawn Music
Exhausted Youngster Music
Faber Music
Fagus Music
Fame Music
Focus Music
Fox Music Publishing
Felder Pomus Music
Fever Pitch Music
Full Circle Music
Fundamental Music


George Martin Music
Global Talent Music
Goodnight Kiss Music
Global Talent Music
Greensleeves Music
Green Hills Music Group
Gremlin Music
Hal Leonard Music
Hilltop Music
Hope Music
HoriPro Publishing
Hornall Bros Music
Imagem Production Music
Independent Music
Kassner Music
Kendor Music
Kobalt Music
KPM Music


Largo Music
Master Source Music
Maverick Music
MGM Music
Missing Link Music
Moraine Music
MPL Communications
My Three Kids Music
Notation Music
Now Music
Of Music


Real Songs
Rondor Music
Rouse House Music
Silver Note Music
Shapiro Bernstein Music
Sheet Music
Silver Kat Music
Singing Roadie Music
Songtek Music
Sony Music (Austria)
Sony-ATV Music US
Sony-ATV Music UK
Southern Music
Stage Three Music


Trowbridge Music
United Music Publishers
Urband & Lazar Music Publishing
Universal Music
V2 Music
Warner Chappell Music
Wrensong Publishing Corporation
Zomba Music Publishing

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