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This Is The Public Area Of The International Songwriters Association Site

International Songwriters Association The Private Members Site

All members of the International Songwriters Association have access to the ISA Private Members Site, which is updated every few hours. The contents include

All of today's music industry, songwriting and music publishing news, assembled fresh each time you drop by

The Publications and Services of the International Songwriters Association

How to use the Assessment Service of the International Songwriters Association

How to use the Copyright Service of the International Songwriters Association

The addresses, telephone numbers and contact names, for hundreds of Music Publishers and Record Labels.

Want to know more about Copyright? Placing your songs in Movies or on TV? Collaboration? Writer's block? Sharing credits? Song promotion? Making demos? Building a website? Putting together a home recording studio? And much more? It's all here in dozens and dozens of articles!

Read. print or download the current edition of the ISA's 108 page, 60,000 word book on selling your songs, comrising the following:

Lesson 1 - Twenty Songwriting Questions Answered
A quick look at the main points of this business called songwriting

Lesson 2 - Basic Course In Songwriting
Jim Liddane deals with everything from thinking up the idea, to writing the song, copyrighting your work, making a demo, presenting it to the publisher - and much much more

Lesson 3 - Copyright Or Face The Consequences
The crooks do not arrive armed with crowbars. The carry fountain pens. Jim Liddane tells you how to copyright a work before the shark steals it

Lesson 4 - Writing The Hit, What The Pros Do
Trouble picking a title? Lyrics as dull as mud? Your melody sounds like another? 28 top writers tell you what they do when problems arise

Lesson 5 - Don't Get Ripped Off By Your Best Pal
More than half of all songwriters co-write with others. But before you sign away percentages, read what Jon Edwards has to say

Lesson 6 - Problem Solving For Songwriters
The song is written. Now what? Top international music publisher Tim Whitsett explains how to get your songs published and recorded

Lesson 7 - How Much Money Can A Hit Song Make?
We explain how to handle your publisher, what to look for in a contract, and ask - "How much money can a hit song make?"

Lesson 8 - Jingle Bells
There's big money in writing jingles - and what's even better, you can make a fortune without leaving home. Bill Miller tells you how to sell yourself - by selling others

Lesson 9 - Putting Your Songs On The Internet
Is it the solution to all your problems - or simply a new problem? Jim Liddane examines the internet

Lesson 10 - When Somebody Asks You For Money
At some stage, somebody may ask you for money, in return for a service. We tell you what to grab, and what to avoid

Lesson 11 - Frequently Asked Questions
Much of what you worry about, has been caused worry for songwriters before you. Here are the most frequently asked questions - and the answers to them

Lesson12 - The International Songwriters Association
The publications and service of the International Songwriters Association.

The Top Music Publishers
A listing of the names, and contact information, for some of the top music publishers

You could be clicking for hours on the thousands of songwriting links on our public site. Here we have listed what in our opinion, are the Top 20 links that all songwwriters need

Read, print or download dozens of interviews with some of the world's top songwriters, including Mike Batt, Tom T Hall, Roger Cook, Gordon Lightfoot and many more

The newest acts to make the charts, along with their record label name, and the names of every music publisher who has had a song recorded by that act since 1996!

Want to tell other members something? Want to read what they have to tell you? Or simply interested in seeing who is looking for new songs? Dozens of listings for you to peruse, uodated each day.

Read, print or download, the current crop of Song Contest Entry Forms

Read, print or download the current issue of Songwriter Magazine

Read, print or download, back issues from the vaults of Songwriter Magazine

Read, print or download, the current issue of Songwriter Update

There are so many places nowadays where you can sell your CDs or even individual songs on the internet, or else, simply upload them for the benefit of posterity, that there is no reason why you cannot be out there if you want to! And here is where to upload them.

The section where you can download some uesful songwriting tools, such as "Web Design Mastery Trial" which was written to assist you in learning how to design a professional looking web page in the easiest possible fashion - with copy & paste codes Plus a couple of useful Music Publisher and Record Label directories Not to mention some stave paper, for when that musical idea hits you, and the shops are closed! Oh and some sample songwriting and collaboration contracts as well And let's not forget the latest editions of "Selling Your Songs", "Songwriter Magazine" and "Songwriter Update" All free to read, print or download

Some top songwriters, music publishers and record label executives, inform and instruct - on video

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