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Contact The ISA

You do not have to be an ISA member to obtain advice from the International Songwriters Association. We are happy to talk about anything, and at length too (something to do with being Irish probably!). So if you have a query - just ask!

However, do remember that the ISA. although founded originally in Limerick, Ireland, is not centrally-based. For example, our CEO and Membership Departments both operate from Limerick, but our Contributing Editors are based in the UK, the USA and Canada.

Accordingly, an email query is more likely to get a speedy response than for example a letter or phone-call, either of which may have to be forwarded on to the person best equipped to deal with them.

Contact Us By Email

Email is the most efficient, not to mention the speediest method of contacting the ISA because we provide a continuous email service from 10am to 10pm Monday to Friday, and from 10am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.

(Of course don't forget, these times are GMT (London time), so do adjust them for your own time zone, which in the case of New York for example, would be from 5am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and from 5am to 1pm Saturday and Sunday).

You do not have to be a member to ask a question or seek advice - we are more than happy to hear from songwriters worldwide.

For copyright reasons, do not send song lyrics or song ideas to us by email without having received our permission in advance to so do. If you send them without permission, we are obliged to destroy them unread.

Our email address is:

And we will reply!

Contact Us By Post

We guarantee to answer all letters, either by post or by email, by return.

For copyright reasons, do not send song lyrics or song ideas to us by post without having received our permission in advance to so do. If you send them without permission, we are obliged to destroy them unread.

Address your letters to

International Songwriters Association Ltd PO Box 46 Limerick City Ireland

We will reply by return post once we have received your letter.

Contact Us By Phone

We no longer provide a live phone service for non-members, simply because if we did, we would have little or no time to do anything else, and our own members would be seriously inconvenienced by this.

However, if you are an ISA member, by all means please phone us at

+353 61 228837

or, if you are inside the Republic Of Ireland, on


and leave a message outlining your membership name and number, along with general details concerning your query or message.

It will take us about five minutes to verify your membership, and when we have done that, we or one of our Contributing Editors will contact you either by phone or by email.

Visitors To Limerick

Since 2004, we very much regret that we are no longer able to personally welcome visitors to Limerick, nor to make hotel reservations etc for them.

However, Limerick is a beautiful city and well worth visiting. For that reason, we still maintain a page titled All About Limerick, which outlines just a few of the area's attractions.

The link is at the top of this page, and if we can advise you or help in any way, you just have to ask!

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