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ISA  International Songwriters Association  Founded 1967  Representing Songwriters In More Than 60 Countries Worldwide
This Is The Public Area Of The International Songwriters Association Site

ISA Information For Current ISA Members


The following information is for existing ISA Members. For more detailed information, International Songwriters Association members should refer to the ISA Private Members Site, by logging in, using the button on the top of this page.

This page explains:

What the ISA Membership Fee entitles you to

the International Songwriters Association Guarantee.

How to contact the International Songwriters Association

How to manage your International Songwriters Association Subscription

How to access and explore the International Songwriters Association Private Members Site

and finally,

How to access the International Songwriters Association Publications

Simply scroll down to the requisite section.


Membership of the International Songwriters entitles you to avail of an all-inclusive online service. In other words, one membership fee covers all of our services and all of our publications and there are no extra charges nor any limit to the number of times you access these services or publications.

Once you subscribe, and for as long as your subscription continues, you have immediate, constant and unlimited access to:

The ISA Private Members Site, which comprises quite literally, hundreds of instructional articles and copies of our magazines both current and archived, as well as videos, downloads etc

The ISA Copyright Service, which can be used to provide proof of ownership of a particular song

The ISA Assesement Sevice, which provides an assessment of your song or lyric

The ISA Advisory Service, which can advise on anything to do with songwriting, ranging from writing the song to analysing the contract

The ISA Directory Information Service, which provides you with contact information on any publisher, label, or recording act

The Songwriter Magazine, our quarterly publication, comprising anything from 50 to 100 pages depending on the season, with news, views, interviews, instructional articles etc

The Songwriter NewsFlash, our constantly updated publication, which festures people or companies looking for songs, members' notices, instructional articles, news, charts etc

The UK Star Directory, (106 pages), our constantly updated listing of every recording act which has had a UK chart entrt since 1996, and its contact record label and music publisher

The book Selling Your Songs, (108 pages), our course in writing and in selling songs

Questions & Answers

Is everything online?
Everything the ISA has to offer is online.

However, if you ever have difficulties with online access (for example a situation or event which prevents you going online), let us know, and we will do our best to help.

I have just subscribed but do not know how to access the site or services
The moment you subscribe, we send you the code/password which enables you to access everything. If you have not received it, simply let us know and we will send it again. However, check your spam folder first, just in case it is ending up there.

I have not accessed the site or services for quite a while, but now my original code does not seem to work
Every so often, the codes change for reasons of security and this new code appears at the top of your log-in page. However, if you have not accessed any service or publication for a long period, you may have missed this. Simply send us an email and we will send you your latest access code.

Do I have to use a service or access the site every so often in order to remain a member?
Absolutely not. Your membership fee entitles you to access the site and use every service as often (or as little) as you like. It is entirely up to you. You can use every service every hour if so wish!

Remember, you are paying to access everything the ISA has to offer, but it is of course up to yourself to decide how often (or indeed how little) you do this.

Can a publication be provided in hard copy format?
Yes - all you have to do is let us know which publication you would like. We will not charge for printing it off, but you will be asked to pay the cost of postage, as some of the publications are quite heavy in hard copy format, due to the mumber of pages.


Anything which International Songwriters Association Ltd supplies, is 100% guaranteed. If you are in any way unhappy with your membership of the ISA, then you will be refunded without question. 

In the case of subscriptions, your entire last subscription period (whether that be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually, depending on how you set up the payment), will be returned in full. 

This has been ISA policy since 1967.

Questions & Answers

Do I have to give a reason if I ask for a refund?
Absolutely not, although if we have done something wrong, we would appreciate you telling us where we messed up so we can make sure it does not happen again!


ISA operates from Limerick City, Ireland.  Contact us as follows:

E-mail to (this is the most efficient method and the fastest) 

Letter to International Songwriters Association Ltd at PO Box 46, Limerick City, Ireland

Telephone to +353-61-228837 

We will reply by telephone, letter or e-mail to all communications, usually within a matter of hours. 

Simply call +353-71-228837 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, leaving your name, address telephone number, and your message, along with a suitable time at which you may be phoned. 

Detail your query so that the appropriate person will phone you back with the correct answer at the most suitable time. 

Questions & Answers

I do not like email. Will you reply by post?
Of course. In fact we still have members who prefer to have our reply drop in their mailbox and we are perfectly happy to continue doing that.

Why in recent years, did you start using an answering service to screen incoming calls?
Unfortunately over time, our telephone number has been published on thousands of sites, many advising people that the ISA provides a free advisory service for non-members as well as members.

This is true, but if we were to take every call as it came in, 90% of our time would be taken up dealing with non-members, to the detriment of our own subscribers.

So, simply leave your name and number, and once we determine you are a member, we will respond to you by phone.

Don't worry - we will continue to reply to non members, but members have to take priority!

I have sent you an email, but I have yet to get a reply. Why?
We reply to all emails received on the same day we receive them, seven days a week, so if you have not got a reply, something is definitely wrong!

99% of all emails reach their destination. But unfortunately, the fact that you have sent us an email does not necessarily mean that

(a) we have got it

or that if we have got it and have replied, that

(b) you have received our reply.

Accordingly, if you have sent an email and have not received a reply, then within 24 hours, you should re-send it but this time include your telephone number, your postal address, and if possible, an alternative email address.

We will then either email your alternative address, or we will write to you by snail-post. We may also phone you.

If 24 hours later however, you still have not received any reply from us, then it is obvious that it is we who are not receiving your emails.

If that happens, (and it is extremely unusual) then please phone


leaving a telephone number along with your name and postal address, and we will phone you back, and also write to you by post.

To be honest, it is extraordinarily rare for us not to receive an email from a member, and equally rare for a member not to receive our reply.

When it does happen, the member often discovers that our reply did in fact arrive, but had been diverted into his "spam" box or into another folder on his computer.

But in a small number of cases, it has not reached the member's computer at all, possibly because the member has previously accidentally deleted one of our emails as "spam", or inadvertently reported it is "spam", and as a result, their service provider has blocked subsequent emails from us from reaching that recipient.

Both these problems are easily resolved, but never assume that just because you have sent an email to us, that we must have got it!

The internet is brilliant - it's just not perfect! Well not yet anyway.


This section is for General Members who have paid subscriptions. If you have Professional Membership, then this section is not relevant. Simply skip to the next section below, marked "The ISA Members Site".

Our Subscription Policy for Paid Membership was designed to be absolutely transparent, so that once you joined the ISA, you totally controlled your own membership and your own subscription arrangements, and your bank/credit card information was never to be disclosed to us.

The full policy was as follows.

You join the ISA by arranging to pay your first membership fee by whatever means you choose.

You maintain your membership by arranging to continue payment of your membership fees.

You leave the ISA by arranging to cancel payment of your membership fees.

Accordingly, it is up to you to make the initial payment when you wish to join, to continue to make payments if you wish to remain on, and to cancel your payment when you wish to leave.

ISA cannot access your account to initiate subscription payments, to request or "take" payments, or to cancel payments.

Only you can can do any of these.

Questions & Answers

Would the ISA not think of taking payments by Direct Debit?
No. For two reasons....

(1) There is insufficient for the person paying, in the Direct Debit system.

Direct Debits allow the company to whom you are paying money, to "request" periodic payments, which means that the firm has to be given all of your bank details, including your account number etc. Sometimes, you may even have to agree that the company can vary the amounts taken, or the frequency of the payments taken, if they so wish.

(2) Secondly, we do not wish to be responsible for storing your financial or banking information on our computers in the first place!

For those reasons, we have never operated nor have we ever accepted Direct Debits.

We will accept recurring payments either via a Bank Standing Order or PayPal, but you must set these up yourself either with your bank, or with PayPal.

Above all, please do not send us your Bank Account or PayPal Account information!

What is the difference between a Standing Order and a Direct Debit?
The best explanation of the difference between a Standing Order and a Direct Debit appears on the Moneyfacts UK website. Click here to read the entire text.

A summary of the relevant sections reads as follows...

Q. What is the difference between a Standing Order and a Direct Debit?

Essentially, a standing order is an instruction to your bank, whereas a direct debit gives permission to a company to take money from you. You are the only person who can change the date or payment amount on your standing order. This is the main difference to a direct debit, where these details can be changed by the person or organisation you're paying.

Q. How do I cancel a Standing Order?

You are the only person that can cancel a standing order. You can cancel a standing order at any point in branch, over the phone or via secure online banking. However, make sure you inform the person or organisation in receipt of the payment before you do, as you could incur fees or penalties for non-payment.

How can I arrange to make recurring payments to the ISA?
You can utilise either Bank Standing Orders, or PayPal Recurring Subscription Orders, but you will have to set these up yourself.

Bank Standing Orders/PayPal Recurring Subscription Orders are instructions which you set up to your specifications, to start payments when you want them to start, to end payments when you want them to end, paying only the sum which you have agreed to pay.

Most important of all, only you can initiate, alter or cancel a Bank Standing Order/PayPal Recurring Subscription, and consequently we get to see none of your financial information.

This means that we cannot "take" or "request" money from your account, nor can we change in any way, or increase in any way, the payment which you have authorised your Bank or PayPal to make to us, and nor can we cancel your membership unilaterally from our end.

Also, we receive no financial information whatsoever in relation to your arrangements. Therefore, we are never told the name of your bank, your account number, the name of your credit card provider, your card number etc.

Consequently, we cannot "get into" your account to initiate, change or cancel any Bank Standing Order or PayPal Recurring Subscription mandate you have set up.

You are the only person able to do that.

Which method of subscripton payment do you prefer?
Please feel free to choose whichever method suits you best.

In our opinion, Cheques are the most efficient method because they are generally safe if crossed, and we are more than happy to accept personal cheques in UK sterling, American dollars, Australian dollars and Canadian dollars, as well as cheques denominated in Euro. Indeed, we are even happy to activate a membership immediately up receipt of a cheque, without waiting for it to clear.

Although it is not possible to arrange recurring payments by cheque, it is a simple matter to make a note in your diary about when the next cheque is due.

Bank Standing Orders are safe as long as the bank follows your instructions correctly. The advantage is that they can be set up by you or your bank to renew periodically. You can get a form in your bank (although you will have to request our bank details from us), or you can download one from our site which will contains these details. However, you will still have to complete and send this on to your bank so that they can activate it.

PayPal Recurring Payments are in our experience, safe and can be set up by you using just our email address.

Two words of advice!

(1) If paying by Bank Standing Order, you should look at your bank statements from time to time to make sure that the payment is still being made as you wish it to be made. Unfortunately, the bank may not notify you, and will certainly not notify us, if for example, it stops the payment.

Similarly, if you decide to cancel the arrangement with your bank, please do check to make sure they have actually cancelled the payment. Remember, we cannot do this for you - we don't even know who your bank is!

(2) Secondly, every year we seem to end up with a number of payments made by Standing Order, which we are unable to link with any member's account simply because these payments come with insufficient information - or sometimes none at all!

Payments frequently arrive with simply a surname ("Smith"), or a common full name ("John Smith"), or are paid from a business account which has no obvious connection to the name of the subscriber ("ABC Builders"), or (worse of all), theh come bearing no name whatsoever - just a Bank Account number!

Remember, since we do not know your bank account details, we have no way of tracing this back to you, since your bank (even if we knew who they were), would not divulge identification or account information to us anyway.

So if you decide to set up a Standing Order via a bank, ask that it be paid using a an easily identifiable name. "John Smith" for example, might become "John James Smith".

Similarly, if you notice a payment going out of your account to International Songwriters Association which you had told the bank to cancel, or if a payment is going out more or indeed less frequently than you intended it to, or if you wonder if we are in fact getting any payments at all from you, simply check what instructions you gave your bank, and then contact the bank, and also us.

But the best advice of all is to check your bank account statements frequently!

Some of the above comments apply equally to payments made via PayPal, but with a number of very important exceptions.

PayPal always notifies you if it is going to cancel your payment for any reason and PayPal will also email you each and every time it makes a payment.

PayPal also automatically issues unique numerical identifiers so that we can easily match payment to subscriber. Banks will also do this, but often only on request from you.

How long does ISA membership last?
Membership of the International Songwriters Association lasts until you fail to send payment if you are paying by Cheque, or until payment is cancelled if you are paying by Bank Standing Order or Credit Card or PayPal.

How do I renew my ISA membership when it comes due?
This depends on how you took out your membership but we think we have made it as simple as possible.

If you enrolled by Cheque, we accept payments half-yearly or yearly (depending on which period you have chosen), and accordingly your membership renewal comes due either half-yearly or yearly. We do not issue reminders to renew.

If you enrolled by Bank Standing Order, we accept payments monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly, and, depending on what order you signed with your bank, a Standing Order usually renews automatically until you instruct your Bank to cancel it.

If you enrolled by PayPal, the payment is usually monthly, half-yearly or yearly, and again usually renews automatically until you tell your Credit Card provider or PayPal to cancel.

How do I cancel my ISA membership?
We have also made this as simple as possible.

Obviously, if you paid by Cheque - just don't send us another one!

If you enrolled using a Bank Standing Order, simply notify your bank to stop payment. This can always be done by sending them a letter. In fact, most Bank Standing Order forms contain the phrase instructing the bank to maintain the payment "until cancelled by me in writing".

In most cases, cancellation can also be effected online, while some banks may even accept a cancellation by phone, although if they do, they will often require that it be followed up by a written or emailed instruction.

Please remember, the ISA cannot initiate, change, or cancel your Bank Standing Order. Only you can do this.

One piece of advice. When you cancel with your bank, get confirmation in writing from them that they have actually cancelled the payment! If they continue to pay, we will not know you have cancelled, and so your membership will remain active as far as we are concerned.

Finally, if you enrolled using PayPal, simply cancel the Recurring Subscription Arrangement you made with PayPal. Again there is no need to notify us. Cancelling your payment automatically cancels your membership.

Unlike banks, PayPal automatically sends you a notification acknowleding termination, and also sends us a copy of the membership cancellation.

So, as you can see, from the moment you join the ISA, you are in total control of your own membership and subscription arrangements and your banking privacy is always secure.

The PayPal cancellation system looks complicated. Can you advise?
Actually, it is not really complicated at all, and PayPal provides very clear instructions.

However, if you are in any way unsure how to cancel, please contact us, and we will go through it with you - it is actually quite simple.

I intended to cancel my recurring subscription, but seemingly I left it late, and while I was cancelling, the next payment went through. Have I now lost that payment?
Of course not. Just let us know as soon as you can, and the payment for the period in question will be instantly returned.

PayPal will cancel instantly, but Banks may or may not, because different banks have different policies. Some require 48 hours notice in writing, others will cancel immediately upon receipt of an email. Some may even cancel on receipt of a phone-call.

The important thing is to double-check that it has actually been cancelled!

As regards that extra payment, we will instantly repay the amount via PayPal, denominated in whatever currency you originally paid.

If you do not have a PayPal account, then we will post you a cheque denominated in Euro, but it your bank several weeks to clear cheques, so it is not quite as "instant" as PayPal!

I was sure I cancelled my subscription payment with the bank several periods ago, but I notice that it is still being paid. What should I do?
If you cancelled the Standing Order with your bank, first check the acknowledgment you got back from them.

Then contact them with this information, and they should reimburse you immediately you notify them.

However, make sure that this time that it has been really cancelled!

I was sure I cancelled my subscription payment several periods ago, but the bank insists that it did not receive my cancellation and are now refusing to reimburse me.
This is unusual, but we have seen it happen, First of all, cancel it again now anyway and get an acknowledgment from the bank that they have actually terminated it this time!

Secondly, even though it probably defies belief that somebody might not look at their bank statements or read their PayPal emails for several months in a row, it does happen, so tell us your story anyway. We will try - within reason of course - to help.

But best advice of all - get a confirmation for any instruction you give your bank, and look at your bank statements from time to time!

I am a paid-up member but have run into difficulties which mean I might have to cancel my membership. Can you help?
If your difficulties are financial or employment related, or are due to health, family or any similar problem, please let us know in total confidence.

We will be only too happy to continue your membership free of charge until things improve for you - no matter how long that may take.

I am a paid-up member but would like to cancel my membership temporarily. Will I be able to rejoin later at the same rates I now enjoy?
Of course, but read the above answer before cancelling. Could it be relevant in your case?

Finally, to sum up the ISA subscription process....
A member starts their ISA Membership by deciding on a payment method and sending us a payment.

A member ends their ISA Membership by terminating their payment.


The ISA Private Members Site is open to all current members. 

You are given an access code on joining, and that code may change from time to time.

If it changes, an email is sent to you.

Here is a short listing of what is on the site.

Today's News
All of today's music industry, songwriting and music publishing news, assembled fresh each time you drop by 

The Publications and Services of the International Songwriters Association 

How to use the Assessment Service of the International Songwriters  Association 

How to use the Copyright Service of the International Songwriters Association 

The addresses, telephone numbers and contact names, for hundreds of Music Publishers and Record Labels 

Hpw To Articles
Want to know more about Copyright? Placing your songs in Movies or on TV? Collaboration? Writer's block? Sharing credits? Song promotion? Making demos? Building a website? Putting together a home recording studio? And much more? It's all here in dozens and dozens of articles!     

Selling Your Songs
Read, print or download the current edition of the ISA's 108 page, 60,000 word book on selling your songs 

You could be clicking for hours on the thousands of songwriting links on our public site. Here we have listed what in our opinion, are the Top 20 links that all songwriters need

Read, print or download dozens of interviews with some of the world's top songwriters, including Mike Batt, Tom T Hall, Roger Cook, Gordon Lightfoot and many more

New On The Charts
The newest acts to make the charts, along with their record label name, and the names of every music publisher who has had a song recorded by that act since 1996! 

SongSeller Notice Board
Want to tell other members something? Want to read what they have to tell you? Or simply interested in seeing who is looking for new songs? Dozens of listings for you to peruse, updated each day

Song Contests
Read, print or download, the current crop of Song Contest Entry Forms

Songwriter Magazine
Read, print or download the current issue of Songwriter Magazine

Songwriter Magazine Archive
Read, print or download, back issues from the vaults of Songwriter Magazine

Songwriter Update
Read, print or download, the current issue of Songwriter Update
Uploading Your Songs
There are so many places nowadays where you can sell your CDs or even individual songs on the internet, or else, simply upload them for the benefit of posterity, that there is no reason why you cannot be out there if you want to! And here is where to upload them

Useful Downloads
The section where you can download some useful songwriting tools, such as "Web Design Mastery Trial" which was written to assist you in learning how to design a professional looking web page in the easiest possible fashion - with copy & paste codes Plus a couple of useful Music Publisher and Record Label directories Not to mention some stave paper, for when that musical idea hits you, and the shops are closed! Oh and some sample songwriting and collaboration contracts as well And let's not forget the latest editions of "Selling Your Songs", "Songwriter Magazine" and "Songwriter Update" All free to read, print or download

Some top songwriters, music publishers and record label executives, inform and instruct - on video

Questions & Answers

How do I access the ISA Private Members Site?
Just insert the membership code, and when you click on the arrow, you transfer to the ISA Private Members Site Map, which lists everything on the site. 
The link to the site changes from time to time, and when it changes, you will be notified by email. 

My access code does not work. What can I do?
You are probably using an out-of-date code. 

Just send us an email whereupon we will send you your current access code.


The ISA publishes two newsletters available to all members- "Songwriter Magazine", and "Songwriter NewsFlash".

The ISA also publishes two books  "Selling Your Songs" and "Directory Of Recording Stars", also available to all members. 

Questions & Answers

How do I access the ISA Publications "Songwriter Magazine", and "NewsFlash"?
"Songwriter Magazine" is published quarterly, on the 1st January, 1st April, 1st July and 1st October. 

The current issue can be viewed, printed or downloaded, on the ISA Private Members Site under the "Songwriter Magazine"  heading. 

If printing this off, it usually takes 70 pages.

"Songwriter NewsFlash"  is published occasionally (usually once or twice a month), and  appears on the ISA Private Members Site. 

The contents of are also updated on the ISA Private Members Site, under the "SongSeller NoticeBoard" heading.

How do I access the ISA Publications "Selling Your Songs", and "Directory Of Recording Stars"?
"Selling Your Songs" is revised twice yearly, and can be viewed, printed or downloaded,on the ISA Private Members Site under the "Selling Your Songs"  heading. 

If printing it off, it usually takes 108 pages.

The "Directory Of Recording Stars" is updated every 13 weeks, and can be viewed, printed or downloaded,on the ISA Private Members Site under the "Directories"  heading. 

If printing this off, it usually takes over 100 pages.

I can find the publications, but cannot view them. What can I do to rectify this?
If you can find but cannot view the publications, this is most likely because you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer.

Most modern computers come with Adobe Reader already installed, so any PDF file should open immediately, once it has been double-clicked.

If you are certain that you have a current version of Adobe Reader on your PC, but 

(1) the PDF still will not open or

(2) it will open, but you cannot click on the links


(3) it will open, but you cannot copy and paste from the text

then you probably have an old version.

If so, you might consider updgrading to the current version. This costs nothing and is quite simple to do.

I can find the publications, and can view them, but they do not look the same on paper when I print them as they do on the screen. How can I make them look the same?
If you have any version of Adobe Reader (and 99% of all recent PCs will have this), then you will be able to view the publication exactly as it was intended. 

However, if it does not print exactly as it appears on screen, that may be because you have an early version of Adobe, or because your printer is not able to handle the PDF.

You can easily solve either or both these problems, as follows.

(1) If you are using an earlier version of Adobe Reader, the best way to solve problems you may be having is to download and install the (free) latest version from

Don't worry--this is a very simple one-click procedure which should take about a minute.

(2) Depending on which printer you are using, a PDF file may not print properly unless you select  the "Print as image" option in the printer dialogue box. Using the "Print as image" option may take several minutes to print one page. 

When you go to "Print", a large box will come up, and somewhere there you will find a button marked "Advanced".

Click on that, and you reach the "Advanced Print Setup" screen. Down at the bottom is a box, usually unclicked, titled "Print As Image". Tick the box, click "OK", and then "OK" again on the original box and then press "Print".

If you have any problems viewing or printing this, simply email us and we will have a look at the problem for you.


The ISA provides a range of services, which are supplied free to you as a member.

The following is a listing of the services available free of charge, to all members.

Copyright Service

Each submission can contain as many songs as you wish, but we do not recommend that you send more than a few in each envelope - a maximum of perhaps six. 

Lyrics, recordings, manuscripts, or a combination of all of these, can be sent to copyright. 

Address the package to

Copyright Service 
International Songwriters Association 
PO Box 46
Limerick City

Write your name and address in full on the rear of the envelope, along with the song titles. 

Enclose nothing other than the matter to be copyrighted, in the envelope being posted. 

Copyright takes approximately 21 days from its arrival here and lasts initially for two years (renewable). Non-renewed copyright submissions will be destroyed. 

Once the copyright is issued, an acknowledgment, and a certificate will be sent by two separate emails.

No copyright submissions can ever be returned once lodged, so make sure you have kept copies for your own use. 

It helps, but is not essential, if you list the song titles on the rear of the envelope.

Never depend on one method of protection in case of loss or dispute - use at least two methods always. 

It is a pre-condition of using this service that you accept that in the event of loss/damage etc, the liability of the ISA is limited to the original purchase price of the contents of the package sent, which usually means, the cost of a blank cassette or a blank CD. 

Copyright lasts initially for two years, but can be renewed every two years for a further period.

This service cannot be provided by e-mail.
Assessment Service

Each submission must contain one song on tape/CD only, plus the lyrics. Send the song to 

Assessment Service 
International Songwriters Association
PO Box 46
Limerick City

There is no limit on how many songs you send, as long as each song is sent in a separate envelope. 

However, new subscribers should send only one song and wait for this song to be returned, before using the service on a regular basis. (The reason for this is to make sure that any general errors in existing presentation can be corrected by you in future submissions). 

The tape/CD will not be returned, but will be destroyed, so only send a copy of your work for assessment,. 

The service can take up to 30 days, so do not query delivery until 30 days has elapsed. 

This service cannot be provided by e-mail.

Advice/Directory Information Service

Send your request preferably by e-mail to the 

Advice Service or the Directory Information Service
Songwriter Magazine
PO Box 46
Limerick City

In the case of requests for advice, provide all the details plus photocopies of any relevant documents/ contracts etc., in the first letter. 

In the case of directory information, state clearly which act, record label, publisher or manager  you wish to contact. 

Questions & Answers

How do I access the ISA Services, such as Copyright, Assessment etc?
Just go to the ISA Private Members Site, and on the Site Map, you will find each service explained on individual web pages. 

If writing to the International Songwriters Association, do I have to enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for reply?
No. We pay all our own return postage.

If I wish to Copyright, or have Assessed, material written by myself as an ISA member in collaboration with another person who is not an ISA member, can this be done?
Yes, but all correspondence can only be with you as you are the registered member.

If I need Contractual Advice, can I get this from the International Songwriters Association?
Yes. Please send by post or email, a copy of all the documentation, including accompanying letters. In addition to this, the ISA can recommend legal advisors based in the UK and/or the USA, who are experienced in music industry law.

If I leave the ISA, what happens my copyright deposits?
They remain on deposit until the period of protection expires. 

Why is the initial ISA Copyright service, limited to two years?
Most writers will have placed the material with a publisher within two years of writing it, whereupon protecting the material will become the responsibility of the publisher.

Where that has not happened, a writer can extend the copyright protection with us.


Anything which International Songwriters Association Ltd supplies, is 100% guaranteed. If you are in any way unhappy with your membership of the ISA, then you will be refunded without question. 

In the case of subscriptions, your entire last subscription period (whether that be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually, depending on how you set up the payment), will be returned in full. 

This has been ISA policy since 1967.

ISA International Songwriters Association (1967) Ltd
PO Box 46 Limerick City Ireland Tel 061-228837 Fax 061-2288379
ISA Website Editorial E-Mail

International Songwriters Association Limited
Registered In Dublin, Ireland Company Number 38917
Registered Address
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