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To place a notice on this page, simply email with what you want to say. Remember, inclusion is free but is totally at our discretion. The fact that a notice appears on this page however does not constitute any form of recommendation or endorsement by the International Songwriters Association of that person or company.

Terms Of Use
Before entering into any discussion or negotiation with anybody who has placed a notice on this page, you must satisfy yourself as to the bona fides of the person or company with whom you are dealing. You must not send any original material which has not been properly copyrighted to any person or company, and you must take appropriate legal advice before entering into any deal or signing any contract. If you cannot or do not wish to comply with the above terms of use, then you must not utilise the information provided here.

I am Howard Livingstone, a retired London-based music & entertainment solicitor, who operates Entertainment Industry Legal Services Ltd. I am happy to advise on contracts, rights, disputes and to assist in negotiations. Initial free telephone consultation available.

UK lyricist & mid-low baritone singer with some prior experience working alongside Ella Fitzgerald's and Bing Crosby's former Musical Director, seeks collaboration with Composer/Songwriter who writes catchy, melodic swing or ballad songs in a soft-jazz style. Ideally, somebody with a willingness to also attempt some sample advertising jingles. Initially, for the gratis recording / uploading of simple demos, accompanied by either piano or guitar. Contact T Mark at the following email address.

We are currently searching for tracks from multiple genres including EDM, Pop, Hip Hop/Rap and Electronic music to be used as part of a HIIT playlist for a health and fitness company. Tracks should be upbeat, inspiring and motivational. Track length 2-3 mins. Non-explicit lyrics.

My name is Peter Dymond and I run Dymond Studios in Bristol, UK, which apecialises in songwriter demos. Our reputation has been built on honesty, sincerity, quality, friendliness, and success - to our knowledge we are the most successful demo production company in the UK, in terms of client's material being placed.

I am a published melody writer looking for a published Portuguese-speaking lyricist capable of adding top quality lyrics suitable for the Brazilian market to my existing melodies. Do NOT send any lyrics now, but contact me (in English please) at the following email address.

I write lyrics for all genres (although mainly heavy rock, ballads and blues), but do not have the ability to put music to them (even though I have tunes in my head), nor to record them for demo purposes. My lyrics have received good reviews in the past and I am eager to re-establish myself with a talented and committed composer. Contact me at the following email address.

The Great American Song Contest is open to songwriters, lyricists & music composers worldwide. This annual event is designed for amateur and semi-pro songwriters only. Individuals who earn over $10,000 annually from song publishing royalties are not eligible. This year's contest closes for entries on November 18, 2020. Online submissions must be received by this date. Mailed submissions must be postmarked by this date.

We celebrate great songs and songwriting. In our song library you'll find exclusive interviews, the chance to compare the best-known version with lesser known covers and the opportunity to add your views about the song. Plus top tips from music's finest on how to get to grips with composing melodies, writing lyrics and getting your music heard.

My name is Piers Skelton, I am an ISA Member, and I operates The Simple Music Company Limited from Swindon in the UK, which has produced a number of demos for ISA members. I am able to do full arrangements including vocals and harmonies for less than £100 per song.

We are a company with world class UK & USA session singers online. Send your songs and we’ll return the vocal files ready to mix or provide a mix ourselves. Every music genre incl. pop, rock, jazz, rap, classical. Vocal authenticity: if the song is R&B, the singers will be from New York / LA, if Country, singers will be from Nashville etc. Fast turnaround.

We provide an interactive writing tool for poets and songwriters, offering rhymes, near rhymes, synonyms, thesaurus, word definitions, and a syllable counter.

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