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Daniel Damian Kapuscinski

I am a film music composer, producer and artist who has worked with artists, publishers, film companies and labels worldwide.

I have made music for numerous short films and a couple of feature films. I also produced singles and an EP for an award winning artist which was nominated last year for a BEFFTA Award alongside Emily Sande, Beverly Knight etc, and this artist won the C-Hub award for Best Upcoming Artist. She is also nominated for a C-Hub award this year in the Best Performer category.

I have written music for the Italian sync company MastersJingles and have done remixes for the PR Record Group in Sweden. I just have released my EDM EP call ed World Music Vibes, and I currently have an offer to sign a deal for a release with Vienna Music Production in Austria. Currently I'm working on production for a couple of artists and we are pitching for a Grammy Award for 2018.

I write everything from piano ballads to jazz, Rnb, and rock. I have skills in music composition and production. My goal is become a world class film composer and platinum producer.

Please feel free to check my work here:

I am open minded to all opportunities and very disciplined. I have my own studio and a Diploma in music technology, and I am about to start my Degree in Music Technology in IMW London..b2 Please respond if you like my work,

Andy Skinner

My name is Andy Skinner. I was raised in the eclectic bustle of Glasgow and was part of the Glasgow music scene from the late 90’s. However, since 2014 I have lived in the quiet seaside town of Bangor in Northern Ireland, where the sea air and slow pace of life has been infinitely relaxing and inspirational.

Songwriting has been in my blood since I was an early teen, when I would write poetry and in my head would put melodies to those poems. Learning guitar and going through the rite of passage of being in a band with friends soon followed.

Being in many bands I have always written the songs. From pop to punk and everything in between, there is nothing that I can’t turn my hand to and make a good catchy hook work in the genre I’m playing.

The most recent examples of my work are available at

Please have a listen and if you're interested I look forward to your reply,


Nelly White Band

Nelly White Band have released their first album, ‘Ordinary Woman’ after being in the studio for almost two years. Featuring on several of the tracks including the albums’ title track, ‘Ordinary Woman’, is Jazz Genius and music producer Genco Ari. The seven tracks composed by the lead singer are a mix of pop, soul and jazz fusion.

Released on the Arpej Yapm label, the album is selling well on digital media, and is now in the top 10 bestsellers of new pop artists releasing music in Turkey. It features other musicians including U.S based drummer Engin Kaan Günaydn, from the ‘New York Gypsy All Stars', plus many artists and musicians from both the Antalya Symphony Orchestra and Antalya Opera & Ballet.

The three members are Nelly White on Vocals/Piano, Çalar Anber on Bass and Yiit Ergun on Guitars. Originally from Wales in the U.K., musician Nelly White created the group with husband Caglar Anber. Yiit Ergun followed on later, and now they are all based in Antalya, Turkey. Nelly studied music from an early age and is also a qualified Contemporary Vocal teacher, graduating from The Voice College, London.

The band will perform live throughout 2018 at various concerts and festivals both nationally and internationally, starting with a launch concert for the album. The first video from the album was released on 1st February for ‘Last Night’.

Instagram: @nellywhiteband

Twitter: @nellywhiteband

Facebook: @nellywhiteband

YouTube: nellywhiteband

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