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ISA Songwriters On The Web

In the early days of the internet, non-performing songwriters (or "pure" songwriters as they sometimes termed themselves), were slow to utilise the web to promote their own songs.

However, as more singer-songwriters discovered the power of the internet both to publicise their work and indeed to sell it directly to buyers, the number of "pure songwriter" sites grew, encouraging non-performing writers to maintain their own outlet to which they could direct potential performers, music publishers and record labels.

Nowadays, most writers have a presence of sorts on the web, even if most are little more than Facebook pages or one page sites. In addition, many fans operate sites publicising the work of their favourite tunesmiths.

Here are just a few of our favourite ones - but remember, if you have a site yourself, or know of a site which you think is worthy of inclusion - just let us know and we will be only too happy to include it.


Adolph Green
Al Dubin
Alan Bergman
Alan J Lerner
Albert Hammond
Andrew Higgins
Andrew Lloyd Webber
Andy Leigh
Anthony Newley
Antonio Carlos Jobim
Art Tatum
Arthur Freed
Barry Gibb
Barry Hope
Barry Manilow
Barry Mann
Barry Mason
Bernie Lamb
Bernie Taupin
Billy Joel
Bob Dylan
Bob Marley
Bobby Goldsboro
Boudleaux Bryant
Brendan O'Loughlin
Brendan Monaghan
Brian Aherne
Brian Wilson
Bruce & Hilary Ainge
Buck Ram
Bruce Springsteen
Buddy Holly
Burt Bacharach
Cat Stevens
Chrissie Hynde
Cole Porter


Dan Fogelberg
Danail Yordanov
Danny Steer
Daphne Glass
Dario Vergari
Dave Clark
David Bowie
David Craig
David Gornall
David  Hawley
Dawn Diamond
Diane Warren
Dick Groves
Doc Pomus
Dolores O'Sullivan
Don Gibson
Don McLean
Eddie Cochran
Elena Ley
Eliot Hall
Elton John
Fats Domino
Frank Zappa
Freddie Mercury


Garth Brooks
Gary Dussiaume
George Harrison
Gilbert O'Sullivan
Graham Adcock
Hank Cochran
Hoagy Carmichael
James Taylor
Jayson Jackson
Jeff Payne
Jeni Wallwork
Jenny Beck
Jerry Chesnut
Jimi Hendrix
Joan Baez
John D. Loudermilk
John Prine
John Fogerty
John Lennon
Johnny Cash
Johnny Dee
Johnny Mercer
John Lord
Jon Lord
Joni Mitchell


Kamal Malak
Keith Richards
Laura Norman
Len Fifield
Leon Quinn
Leonard Cohen
Little Richard
Livingston Taylor
Loretta Lynn
Lorenz Hart
Lou Reed
Marc Bolan
Maria Daines
Mark Greville
Mark Smith
Martina Keaney
Marvin Ruffin
Merle Kilgore
Mick Hanly
Mike Smith
Neil Diamond
Neil Saye
Neil Sedaka
Neil Young
Nigel Cuff
Noel Coward


Paul Evans
Paul Madellan
Paul McCartney
Paul Robert Thomas
Paul Simon
Patti Smith
Pete Seeger
Peter Gabriel
Phil White
Race Knower
Randy Newman
Ray Charles
Ray Davies
Ray Wilkins
Richard O'Connor
Richard Thorne
Rob Green
Rob Russell Davies
Robert Main
Robin Gibb
Robin Willow
Rod Stewart
Roger Miller
Roger Penkethman
Ron Dante
Rory Bourke
Roy Orbison


Sara Smith
Shania Twain
Smokey Robinson
Sonny Curtis
Steve Winwood
Stevie Wonder
Stewart Bowman
Susan Scully
Todd Rundgren
Tom T Hall
Tommy Lynn Brummett
Tony Ford
Tony O'Hara
William Ross
Willie Nelson

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