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The ISA • International Songwriters Association was founded in 1967 and today,
there are ISA members in more than sixty countries, who benefit from
a wide range of exclusive ISA publications, ISA services,
ISA books and the ISA Private Members Website.

This month, you can test-drive it all for free for 30 days, including.....

The ISA Publications

Songwriter Yearbook
[Delivered By Post]
Interviews With World-Famous Songwriters & Music Publishers

Songwriter Magazine
[Delivered Online]
News • Interviews • "How To" Songwriting Articles

Songwriter Update
[Delivered Online]
Song Contests • Who Needs Songs? • Music Business Articles

Songwriter NewsFlash
[Delivered By Email]
Songs Needed Right Now

The ISA Services

Song Copyright Service
[Delivered By Post]
Protect your songs/lyrics/demos free through the
International Songwriters Association

Song Assessment Service
[Delivered By Post]
Have your songs/lyrics/demos examined free through the
International Songwriters Association

Song Promotion Service
[Delivered By Post, Phone or Email]
Contact addresses for singers, bands, labels and publishers

Advice Service
[Delivered By Post, Phone or Email]
Contracts • Promotion • Techniques • Demo Recordings
Collaboration • Contact Info etc

The ISA Book

"Selling Your Songs"

[Delivered Online]
Free copy of our 60,000 word 108 page songwriting course explaining
Copyright • Collaboration • Song Ideas • Making Demos
Selling Songs • Writing Jingles • Royalties • Tax
How Much Money Can A Hit Song Make? •
Putting Your Songs On The Internet and much more

The ISA Private Members Site

Private Membership Site
[Delivered Online]
Daily Music News • Video News & Video Instruction
Song Contest Entry Forms • Top 20 Songwriting Links
Archive Songwriter Magazine Interviews • Members' Notice Board
Free Directories Of Music Publishers & Record Labels
Who Is Looking For Songs? • Useful Downloads
Upload Your Songs To The World Wide Web
plus much more

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What Do You Get As An ISA Member?

ISA Members Get All Of The Following

[1] ISA Publications
"Songwriter Magazine", "Songwriter Update", "Songwriter NewsFlash"
and "Songwriter Yearbook"

[2] ISA Services
Free unlimited use of such Services as
Song Copyright, Song Assessment, Song Promotion, Advice, etc

[3] Private Membership Website
Free unlimited use of the International Songwriters Association's
Private Membership Site

[4] ISA Membership Package
A large Membership Package
as outlined below

[5] Selling Your Songs
A PDF copy of the latest version of our
60,000 word, 108 page course in songwriting

The five main benefits are detailed below [1] to [5]

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[1] The ISA Publications

You Will Receive The Following Publications

Songwwriter Yearbook Songwriter Magazine Songwriter Update Directory Of Recording Stars


This is the collection of interviews which all new ISA subscribers receive.

It is delivered by post.

•The current edition includes a 6,000 word interview with Roger Cook - who will tell
you how In the 60's he wrote countless pop hits, before quitting England for Nashville
where he proceeded to become one of the hottest country songwriters around!

• Gordon Lightfoot tells you about his songs which have been covered
by everybody from Elvis Presley to Bob Dylan

• You will learn from Barry Mason about his songs which have been recorded
by such stars as Tom Jones and Elvis Presley

• You will also hear from country songwriter Tom T Hall whose beautiful lyrics
have earned him the nickname of "The Storyteller"

• Bruce Welch will tell you how he started out as a member of The Shadows,
but went on to become a very successful songwriter, penning hits for Olivia Newton John,
Cliff Richard and many more, before setting up an independent music publishing company

• Mike Batt explains to you how he made his name writing for television and movies
(Nowadays of course, he is the man behind the worldwide success of Katie Melua)

• Tony Hatch will tell you how he wrote some of the finest pop songs of recent years,
(as well as the theme for such TV series as Neighbours)

• Julie Gold tells you how she wrote one of the most successful songs of all time -
almost by accident

• Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber talks about Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar,
Whistle Down The Wind, Cats, Sunset Boulevard and Phantom Of The Opera

Songwwriter Yearbook


This is the International Songwriters Association's house publication.

It is delivered online.

Every issue, you get to read an exclusive multi-thousand word interview with a songwriter
who has written at least one million-seller. Interviewees have included such writers as
George Harrison (My Sweet Lord), Billy Joel (Still Rock & Roll To Me), Chris DeBurgh (Lady In
Barry Mason (Delilah), Bob Gaudio (December 63, Oh What A Night), Sonny Curtis
(I FoughtThe Law),
Hal Shaper (Softly As I Leave You), Bryan Adams, Leonard Cohen,
Burt Bacharach, Bernie Taupin, George Michael, Paul Williams, Andrew Lloyd Webber,
Gene Pitney, Don McLean, and many more.

Songwriter Magazine also brings you a news page, giving you the latest songwriting stories,
as well as information on song contests, industry events, and collaboration offers.

In addition. Songwriter Magazine you can read interviews with music publishers,
asking them about the type of material their comperes are looking for,
as well as a songwriter who is having his first successes right now.
There are also technical articles on such subjects as
putting your songs online, thinking up titles, getting story line ideas etc.

Finally, you get a two-page
SongSeller® section, which names the publishing
and record companies, along with the singers, who are looking for songs right now.
Each tip is accompanied by full contact details, and our own comment on the source.

Songwriter Magazine


This is the International Songwriters Association's monthly publication.

It is delivered online.

This monthly publication brings you the latest song contest news,a full news section,
contact information, plus tips on who is looking for what along with contact information
for every act entering the charts this week etc!

It also contains instructional articles on songwriting, recording and song promotion.

Each issue averages 50-60 pages, so over a year,
you get approximately 650 extra pages of information.

In fact, in your first year alone, you will get over 800 pages of information from the ISA!

Songwriter Update


Every day, the International Songwriters Association received requests from
performers, managers, labels or publishers seeking new songs.

These are published immediately on the ISA Private Members Site.

In addition they also appear in Songwriter Update.

However, those which are time-sensitive,
are sent out by email to all members in our "Songwriter NewsFlash" newsletter

Songwriter NewsFlash


Every 13 weeks, the ISA publishes an updated Directory Of Recording Stars.

The current issue contains full details on 4347 recording stars,
their record labels, and every music publisher who has published
at least one charted song by that act since 1996!

Essential for every songwriter and updated every 13 weeks!

Delivered online.

Directory Of Recording Stars

"Great issue this month. I love your in depth interviews. Here's to great songs"
Ron Dante, Hollywood, USA

"Thanks for everything, e-mails and hard copy - fascinating stuff. I'm really glad I joined!"
Michael Hussey, Dublin, Ireland

Join Free For 30 Days

[2] The ISA Services

You Will Be Able To Use The Following Free Services



Some song assessment services charge £25 per song, but the ISA
Assessment Service is free, and post free (as indeed are all our services).

If you have a song but are unsure of its commercial potential,you will
get advice on this as well as being told you how suitable your recording is.

We will also advise you on the appropriate next steps.


Before promotion, you should always copyright material.

Some Song Copyright Services charge from £20 or $30 per song.
However, the ISA Copyright Service is free and post free.

Send us the material, and a Copyright Certificate will be with you by return.


If you need further promotion advice or contact information, Directory Information
maintains a giant database of every recording act since 1967,
and can give you the relevant address by return post.

No matter how obscure the act, or how difficult it normally is to get
contact information for them, we can help.

Again, this is free and post free (or by email or phone).


If you get an offer of a contract, our free Advisory service will be ready to advise,
and point you in the right direction, so you can maximise your income from your work.

Again, this is free and post free.

Our Advice Service also include a separate Investigations service, where you
can discreetly check out any problems you may be having.

Again, this is free and post free (or by email or phone).


Nowadays, more writers collaborate than used be the case.

Whether you are a lyric writer seeking a melody writer, or a melody writer seeking a lyricist,
or indeed a songwriter seeking partnership with another, then the Collaboration Service
is there to put you in touch with other songwriters.

Again this is completely free.


If you cannot make your own professional demo recordings, the ISA sister company,
Musical Records Ltd can record them for you.

ISA Services - Directory Information
"I can only say this. Bill has been fantastic, Ray also. The replies are so swift!"
Nick Ames, London E17, UK

"I must say all your services seem first class and I have
recommended the ISA to a couple of musical friends"
Michael McQuiggan, Beckenham, Kent, UK

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[3] Private ISA Member's Site

You Have Immediate Access To The Private Members Site



All of today's music industry, songwriting and music publishing news.
This news is assembled fresh each time


The Publications and Services of the International Songwriters Association


How to use the Assessment Service of the International Songwriters Association


How to use the Copyright Service of the International Songwriters Association


Read, print or download, a demo order form for the
Musical Records Demo Service


The addresses, telephone numbers and contact names, for the main
Music Publishers and Record Labels in the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland etc.


Read. print or download articles on such subjects as jingle writing,
inspiration for your songs, handing over percentages to co-writers and others,
and other subjects, from a huge library of articles


Read. print or download articles like "Unoriginal Melodies Are A Good Thing!" -
"Spicing Up Your Songs With Sound Effects" - "Getting Your Songs Placed In TV
Shows and Films" and many many more, with new articles being added weekly


Read. print or download interviews with some of the world's top songwriters, including
Mike Batt, Tom T Hall, Roger Cook, Gordon Lightfoot and many more.
Literally dozens of exclusive ISA interviews, and being added to weekly!


You could be clicking for hours on the thousands of songwriting links
on our public site but some sites are more useful than others.
We list what in our opinion, are the Top 20 links that all songwwriters need


Musical Records operate the demo recording service for the
International Songwriters Association. This is their private site


Want to tell other members something? Want to read what they have to tell you?
Or simply interested in seeing who is looking for new songs?


CD labels, contracts, songwriter letterheadings, promotion sheets, address labels etc.,
all printed with your name and contact details, and delivered free to all ISA members


Read. print or download the current edition of the ISA's 108 page,
60,000 word book on selling your songs


Read. print or download, the current crop of Song Contest Entry Forms


Read, print or download the current issue of Songwriter Magazine


Read, print or download, back issues from the vaults of Songwriter Magazine


Read, print or download the latest news, tips and articles, published monthly


There are so many places nowadays where you can sell your CDs or individual
songs on the internet, or else, simply upload them for the benefit of posterity,
that there is no reason why you cannot be out there if you want to!


"Web Design Mastery Trial" was written to assist you in learning how to design
a professional-lookingweb page in the easiest possible fashion - with copy & paste codes.

Download it here, free of charge.

Plus a couple of very useful Music Publisher and Record Label directories.

Not to mention stave paper, for when that musical idea hits but the shops are closed!

Oh and some sample songwriting and collaboration contracts as well.

And the latest editions of "Selling Your Songs", "Songwriter Magazine" & "Songwriter Update".

And more. Much more.

All free to read, print or download.


Some top songwriters, music publishers and record label executives,
inform and instruct you via the magic of video

Private Member's Site

Join Free For 30 Days

[4] The ISA Introductory Package

You Will Receive The Following Introductory Package

Introductory Package


The current issue of the Songwriter Yearbook, comprising in-depth exclusive interviews with
star songwriters Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Barry Mason, Tom T Hall, Gordon Lightfoot,
Bruce Welch, Mike Batt, Tony Hatch, Julie Gold and Roger Cooke


Although "Songwriter Magazine" is published online, we include a hard copy of the current issue
including interviews with songwriters and music publishers, a full news page, hit listings from
around the world, a UK record label roster of all its acts, song contest information etc


Brochure on how the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society works


Explaining the role and function of the Performing Rights Society - PRS


Information on making demos, and on using the Musical Records Demo Service


Every wondered how your own demos stack up?
This sample CD of 15-20 songs in various styles, ranging from pop to country
will give you something to compare your demo recordings with


A leaflet explaining how you can get free demos!


An entry form for a current international song contest, open to all songwriters and lyricists


The ISA-designed promotion sheet for all songwriters


A very special and totally free offer for new members who may need letterheadings, contracts,
CD labels, inlay cards, or lyric sheets printed with their own name and address


Fifteen points of advice for you if you are about to start
promoting your songs for the first time


Lyricists seeking composers - composers seeking lyrics.
You can be on that list - free!


Eight points of advice for lyric writers


Explanation on who to contact if you have a song ready to roll.
Examines the role of managers, publishers, labels, producers etc


Examines what deals are being offered you in this complex,
often profitable, but frequently dangerous field


Don't wait until your first royalty cheque arrives before regularising your tax affairs


You might like to work in music publishing while continuing to write songs.
This leaflet looks at the opportunities, and pitfalls, of such a move


A UK Music Publisher tells you how he deals
with songs sent in, and how to improve your chances


Everyone knows that the Internet is the next big market for songwriters.
But can it sell your songs right now?


Examines the three methods for making demo recordings!


A listing of the major song contests at present operating in
Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA


A look at some of the odder fish infesting the writing waters


For many new songwriters, getting a deal is simply a matter of putting your song
on the web,and waiting to be discovered. For most, the old method of makng the demo,
and posting it out to publishers, labels and stars, is “old hat”.

Promotion methods may have changed, but do not totally ignore the tried and tested
even if you are going to go the web route anyway.

All ISA Publications Delivered By Your National Postal Service

"I've received the initial package and found so much useful information.
This is a wonderful organisation with a sincere purpose to assist songwriters,
and a warm but professional approach"
Tom Fair, Los Angeles, California, USA

Join Free For 30 Days

[5] The ISA Songwriting Course

You Will Immediately Receive Our Songwriting Course

Selling Your Songs

This is the famous 60,000 word 108-page PDF course in songwriting, titled "Selling Your Songs".

The contents are as follows:

Lesson 1 - Twenty Songwriting Questions Answered
A quick look at the main points of this business called songwriting

Lesson 2  - Basic Course In Songwriting
Jim Liddane deals with everything from thinking up the idea, to writing the song,
copyrighting your work, making a demo, presenting it to the publisher - and much much more

Lesson 3 - Copyright Or Face The Consequences
The crooks do not arrive armed with crowbars. The carry fountain pens. 
Jim Liddane tells you how to copyright a work before the shark steals it

Lesson 4 - Writing The Hit, What The Pros Do
Trouble picking a title? Lyrics as dull as mud? Your melody sounds like another?
28 top writers tell you what they do when problems arise

Lesson 5 - Don't Get Ripped Off By Your Best Pal
More than half of all songwriters co-write with others.  But before you
sign away percentages, read what Jon Edwards has to say
Lesson 6 - Problem Solving For Songwriters
The song is written. Now what? Top international music publisher
Tim Whitsett explains how to get your songs published and recorded

Lesson 7 - How Much Money Can A Hit Song Make?
We explain how to handle your publisher, what to look for in a contract, and ask -
"How much money can a hit song make?"

Lesson 8 - Jingle Bells
There's big money in writing jingles - and what's even better, you can make a fortune
without leaving home.  Bill Miller tells you how to sell yourself - by selling others 
Lesson 9 - Putting Your Songs On The Internet
Is it the solution to all your problems - or simply a new problem?
Jim Liddane examines the internet

Lesson 10 - When Somebody Asks You For Money
At some stage, somebody may ask you for money, in return for a service.
We tell you what to grab, and what to avoid

Lesson 11 - Frequently Asked Questions
Much of what you worry about, has been caused worry for songwriters before you.
Here are the most frequently asked questions - and the answers to them

Lesson12 - The International Songwriters Association
The publications and service of the International Songwriters Association.

The Top UK Music Publishers
A listing of the names, and contact information, for some of the top music publishers

ISA's 108 Page Course 'Selling Your Songs'

I thought there would be a catch, and that the course would not really
be free - but it was. To be honest - I was surprised! Great course though.
Mike Crawford • London • UK 

Thank you so very, very much for the free songwriting course.
I truly do appreciate all that has gone into it 
Rick Terry • Clifton • Colorado • USA

I just want to extend my heartfelt thanks on your very enlightening free lessons offer.
The lessons have really opened my eyes to a whole new perspective on the music industry!
Gavin Foster • Fife • UK

Join Free For 30 Days

What People Say About The ISA

One Or Two Opinions On The ISA


"I joined forty years ago in move I ever made"
Bill Fletcher, Liverpool, UK

"May I commend you all again for the remarkable service you provide -
it really is very much appreciated. Your advice and attention to detail are excellent.
There are unfortunately too few businesses around (of any kind) who provide such services.

They could learn much from your example!

And you may add this to your testimonials if you wish".
Billy Ross • Helvetia Road • Pukekohe 2120 • New Zealand

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks for all the help
and kindness shown to me by yourself and other members of the ISA
generally over the last few years.

I am sure that it is mainly due to this that many outside the music business
manage to make any impact, and we are lucky that someone like
Mr. Liddane is willing to spend so very much of his time
in furthering the work of other people.

I have found it very reassuring on many occasions recently
to discuss technical and contractual details that would be pitfalls for the novice.
John Fisher, Thorpe Bay, Essex, UK.

"As a recent member of ISA I would like to say how professional I find your organisation
and also what great value (and I hope that doesn't sound too patronising!)"
Barry Speed, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

"Since I subscribed ten years ago, I have had songs out on seven albums,
and to date a total of 46 songs published both here and in the USA!
I'd like to thank the ISA for the brilliant work they do"
Geoffrey Crust, Heartbeat Music, Boston, Lincs, UK

"I appreciate your very prompt reply, and your reassurance.
Wonderful to see someone doing things right.Keep up the work"
Nigel Normanton, Leeds

"I am already dazzled by your warm approach and all of the interesting information
I have already received"
Terri Bonnah, Canada

"Thanks a million for your help. You offer a great service!"
Peter Croton, Basel, Switzerland

"Once again, I thank you for your extremely prompt response.
You people are terrific!"
Bill Derham, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

"Although I am not at present as active in the songwriting world as I used to be,
I still think that you are the greatest single help to songwriters in the UK
(and possibly throughout the world)"
Waldi Schubert, London, UK

"It is hard for me to fathom that there could actually be a person out there
that cares as much as you do about your members! Maybe I'm just showing my
American cynicism but my experience tells me that you are a jewel amongst
the lumps of coal that represent the greater part of the mine of humanity"
Bruce McCormack, Sparks, Nevada, USA

"Further to one of your tips, we have just been offered a publishing contract!
Billy Boy Brown, London, UK

Thank you very much for your email. I am already doing your course
and am finding it fascinating.

What a good service you provide"

Barbara Cottman-Jackson, BCJ Productions, Pennsylvania, USA

"I also wanted to thank you for being so supportive to the songwriting community
and being a tremendous resource for the music industry as a whole.

We recently posted a request for original material which you picked up in your newswire
and the response we've been receiving has been quite impressive.

Serious, professional and talented writers from across the globe.
Much appreciated! Keep up the good work"
Tracy Hunter, Solfege Entertainment Group, Florida, USA

Marijohn Wilkins

"I am more than honoured to be with you. I really enjoy
Songwriter Magazine - it is lways so interesting"

Marijohn Wilkins, Buckhorn Music, Nashville, USA

Join Free For 30 Days

FAQ • Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Asked By Potential ISA Members

Frequently Asked Questions

Why must everybody take a month's free trial membership first?
Songwriting is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme, nor is it for everybody
no matter how keen you may initially be.

Songwriting is a business, and has to be taken seriously if you
want to succeed in what is a very competitive field.

"Wannabe Songwriters" are all very well, but their enthusiasm
soon fades whereas the real songwriter is in it for the long haul.

Insisting that all comers take a one month free trial, during which
they receive everything a full member receives, and can read all
the ISA Publications and use all the ISA Services, means that
they can see for themselves if this business is quite what they
thought it might turn out to be like.

That is why we insist that anybody joining the International Songwriters
Association for the first time, must start with our free trial membership.

That way, you do not waste your time, and we do not waste ours.

Apart from the membership fee, are there extra or hidden fees?
Absolutely not. The one membership fee covers all four publications,
and unlimited use of the ISA Private Members Site, along with all services
such as Copyright, Assessment, Advice, Directory Information, Printing etc.

We have nothing else for sale anyway!

How unlimited is "unlimited"? If I use the copyright service
every week, or even if I feel like it, every day. is there a limit?

Absolutely not. New members always use the services more than
established members, and that is both expected, and indeed, welcomed.

Although you give specific dates of issue of three ISA publications,
"Songwriter NewsFlash" is described as being "occasional".
How often does it actually appear?

We add information to the SongSeller NoticeBoard on the
ISA Private Members Site most every day.

However, sometimes, we get information from companies or acts
seeking songs, which is urgent or has a time limit.

Although these will appear as usual on the site, we may also issue
a NewsFlash to all members, which is simply a short email,
giving the details of what is needed, and when.

There is no set day for this NewsFlash. There could be more than one
each week but we try to have one every Monday in any event.
It all depends on what is needed, and how urgent that need is.

How easy is it to cancel my membership if I decide
not to stay on after the free first month?

We have made that as simple as we possibly could.

For example if you join using PayPal, as you can see from the form,
no payment is sent to us until 30 days has passed.

So just cancel PayPal at any stage during the 30 days.

Do not even notify us - PayPal, will do that automatically.

If on the other hand, you join by cheque, we do not lodge it for 30 days,
so let us (or your bank) know you want to stop, and we will tear it up,
or if you prefer, return it by post to you.

(Of course, you could also post-date it by 30 days if you preferred.)

If you join by Banker's Standing Order, we cannot start that for 30 days,
so again, simply tell us (or your bank) that you are not proceeding.

What happens to songs I have copyrighted with you,
if I decide to leave the ISA?
Any songs copyrighted with us, remain protected for the same
period they would have been covered for, had you remained a member.

Once the free period is over, can I pay in instalments?
If you wish, you can pay quarterly (every three months) by Bank Standing Order.

Alternatively, you can pay half-yearly (every six months), by Credit Card/PayPal.

Both the above are recurring payments and can be cancelled at any time by you.

Alternatively, you can pay half-yearly or annually by cheque or cash.

How easy is it to cancel my membership if I decide I would like to
leave after six months or a year for example?

We have also made that as simple as we possibly could!

Just cancel PayPal, or your Bank Standing Order, or simply ignore
the renewal reminder sent if you originally paid by cheque.

You are always totally in control of your own membership.

Does the ISA take a percentage of my song or my income, if
for example, I get a contract as a result of information provided by you?
Absolutely not. There are no percentages of income involved
in any dealings with the International Songwriters Association.

I do not write mainstream pop. Would I benefit from ISA Membership?
If you do not pen the type of material which is potentially money-making, such as pop,
rock, r&b or country, please contact us first and tell us what it is you do write.

There are some niche money-making markets, such as writing for television,
children etc., which we do handle, but if you write the type of music which is rarely
or ever heard on radio, you may not find any commercial benefit from membership
of the International Songwriters Association.

However, we do not refuse membership on the grounds of the type of music written.

We have members who write jazz, or folk, neither of which are commercially rewarding.

All we suggest is - if you write for a minority market, tell us first.

We may be able to recommend an alternative organisation.

Are there any restrictions on joining the ISA?

We do not (knowingly) accept writers under the age of 18 except in very
special circumstances, and then only, on the signature of a parent or guardian.

Can I purchase a gift membership for another songwriter?

Yes, but before doing so, please tell us the relationship between
you, and the person who will be the recipient of the gift.

In any event, we will not accept gift memberships intended for
any songwriter who is under the age of eighteen.

If you wish us to enclose a gift card with the package,
please send us the text of the message to be put on the card.

I have a question not answered above. What can I do?
This FAQ section was compiled totally from viewer's questions,
but you may have a query which has been overlooked up to this,
which we will be happy to answer - and then include in this section!

Just click HERE
to send us an e-mail, giving full details of your query.

Allowing for international time zones, we will respond the same day.

Also there is a much larger FAQ Section on this site, which covers
as many topics we could think of, and you should look at that too.

It is under "Frequently Asked Questions".

"I would just like to pay tribute to all the work you put into the
publications. I find the quality of the writing in the magazine,
and the production, quite remarkable, especially as I suspect,
you operate on something of a shoestring.

Still a real "labour of love" that I for one, am happy to acknowledge"

Leon Carr, Production Music Publishing Company, London, UK

"It was the most accurate profile of our activities I have yet read"
Norman Petty, NorVaJak Music, New Mexico, USA

Join Now On A 30 Day Free Trial

You can register with the International Songwriters Association by POST
using a Personal Cheque, Bank Transfer, Bank Standing Order or Cash
or you can register ONLINE using a Credit Card or PayPal

Either way, you pay nothing for your first month

The ISA Guarantee

• You pay absolutely nothing for your first month's ISA Membership

• You receive all the ISA Publications a fully-paid up member receives

• You have unlimited use of all the ISA Services during your free trial period

• If you do not proceed with your Membership after your free trial ends,
you simply keep everything sent to you

• If you do proceed, you are fully covered by the
ISA's 100 percent, 90 day, worldwide Guarantee

• This Guarantee applies not just to any membership fee,
but to anything supplied by the International Songwriters Association,
or its sister company Musical Records Ltd

If you have any question concerning membership, please click HERE to send us an e-mail.
We will be more than happy to hear from you on anything to do with songwriting

Unfortunately, ISA is At Present Full,
So It Is Not Possible To Avail Of Membership

ISA • International Songwriters Association (1967) Ltd
PO Box 46 • Limerick City • Ireland • Tel 061-228837 • Fax 061-2288379
ISA Website • Editorial E-Mail

International Songwriters Association Limited
Registered In Dublin, Ireland • Company Number 38917
Registered Address
• High Chaperal, Raheen Heights, Limerick City, Ireland
Postal Address
• PO Box 46, Limerick City, Ireland

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